About Lamipak
● Our Business
LAMIPAK is the leading packaging solution provider for aseptic storage of beverage and food.
We export our products to over 40 countries and meets the needs of millions of people every single day - from morning to evening.
To provide quick services to customers, we have sales representatives and technical  service teams across various countries and regions. After decades of practices, we are now one of the top exporter of aseptic from China.

 Our Promise
‘BRINGS LIFE TO PACKAGING’ is always the philosophy for what we do and how we work. We are proud to develop and deliver each carton pack to each individual in a safe, reliable and sustainable way. For us, making LAMI cartons as a part of everyone’s daily life has always been our top target, which will never..

●  Our History
Foundation - The story of Lami Packaging Co., Ltd. (LAMIPAK) started in 1986, funded by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the top Pulp and Paper producers worldwide.
Development - Devoting itself to aseptic packaging, LAMIPAK invested in Kunshan to build a manufacturing facility to seize this new opportunities in 2007. LAMIPAK (Kunshan) is a comprehensive base that is  synergizing research, production, and marketing, into developing food grade paper packaging materials..
- Considering the strong growth of the business, a further investment has been decided to boost the production capacity in 2018. . 
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